My beautiful daughter.
My beautiful daughter.

So we watch the news or read an article on Google, maybe overhear someone talking about an incident. I for one forbid my children to go to Waffle House for ages because of two shootings that happened at two different Waffle Houses. But sadly many of the horrors that go on around us we discreetly  ignore, or in my case blame it on waffles.

But last night my 20 year old daughter called me upset after witnessing a murder right outside her doorstep. My first instinct was to move her back home away from her apartment, thinking to myself that apartment complex must be dangerous. But in fact it wasn’t the apartment complex rather  two people that made their own choices. Choices that ended up with a young woman murdered, and another on the way to jail, but in the end they controlled their own reactions. And thank goodness my daughter was smart enough to get inside with her puppy Sam.

When I went to see if there was a report about it online, I found that there were lots of shootings, and people suffering in my area, not just in some far away desert land. I realized right then that the only thing I can do is teach my children to be aware of their surroundings and hope they have the wisdom to know danger when it is near. This doesn’t mean I still don’t wish I could just move her back home. I hate that she will always know the sound of a gun shot, and the flash of light that ended someone’s life. But so many children and adults know that sound, and carry on. Could it help them see how valuable life really is and how quickly the wrong choice can end it?

I just really hope it doesn’t teach her to be scared and anxious about living. And as a parent, even though this happened at my daughter’s doorstep. I need to remember it is important she becomes an adult that is not controlled by fear but an adult that lives with wisdom and understanding life, not death. She needs to listen to the little voice in her head that seems to quietly nudge us in the right direction, help when she can, get out of harms way, and live with strength and grace.


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